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Ms. Amiee Jex

Ms. Amiee Jex

Aimee Jex was driven to make a difference in her community after seeing the effects of dysfunction in her neighbourhood. Today, she empowers individuals, couples, adolescents and children to overcome life challenges and redirect their lives. Using diverse interventions, she has been practicing professional counselling at the Belize Medical Associates since 2013.

Aimee Jex is a licensed Mental Health Counselor by the Ministry of Health and has a Master’s Degree in Psychology with concentration in Mental Health Counseling from Florida International University. She offers individual, crisis, relationship, marital, child abuse recovery/trauma-focused, substance use, family and group therapy.

Aimee strives to create awareness of mental health issues in the community and serves as a Board Member of the Mental Health Association, makes appearances on local television programs to discuss mental health and healthy living and is also a lector at St Ignatius Church. She has trained with Miami Children’s Hospital Psychiatric Unit, with COCESNA for aeronautic medicine and with the United Nations for crisis intervention.

Aimee has partnered with government and non-government agencies to provide specialized counselling to their staff and clients. She also provides consultancy services in Human Resources, Research and Program Design. She has also served as expert witness for the Court , and she enjoys every opportunity to teach.

Aimee believes in the worth of each individual and focuses on the individual’s motivation to lead a genuine life.

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