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Preventing Infections in Health Care Facilities

May 26, 2020

Infection Prevention: It’s in Your Hands

Healthcare facilities worldwide are encouraged to conduct special educational activities to emphasize adherence to practices such as hand hygiene that have been shown to prevent infections and improve patient safety.

Choose the correct hand hygiene tools

Alcohol handrubs are an effective strategy for improving hand hygiene practices by healthcare workers, reducing healthcare-associated infections, and improving overall patient safety.

Promote hand hygiene in your facility

Get the facts and become familiar with materials to promote hand hygiene in your healthcare facility.

Monitor hand hygiene in your facility

Hand hygiene is an important component of an overall strategy to prevent transmission of healthcare-associated infection. Monitor adherence of recommended hand hygiene practices in your facility and provide feedback to staff on their performance.

Prevent infection during the flu season by getting vaccinated

Influenza causes an average of approximately 36,000 deaths per year. All healthcare workers should be vaccinated against influenza annually. Belize distance calculator . This will protect healthcare workers, their patients, and communities, and will improve prevention of influenza-associated disease, patient safety, and will reduce disease burden. Vaccines are available by prescription at Belize Medical Associates.