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May 26, 2020
Allergies in Children
Allergies are very common in Belize.  This occurs when your body’s immune system over reacts to an otherwise harmless substance, like pollen.  It may exhibit itself in many forms including, asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema, hives, contact dermatitis or food allergy.

The causes of allergies are not fully understood but it is known that the tendency to have allergies is often passed on in families.  The risk of a child manifesting allergic symptoms is greatest if both parents are allergic.

Asthma is very common among Belizean children, and some of the things that can trigger an attack include cigarette smoke, respiratory infections, pollen, dust, dust mites, furry animals, cold air, changing weather conditions, exercise and even stress.

There are many good medicines to treat allergies, that bring relief from itching and sneezing and runny nose.  However, due to certain side effects to these medicines, you are advised to visit your pediatrician at Belize Medical Associates before giving them to your child.

To help prevent future flare ups of allergies, it is advised that windows be kept closed on windy days, keep the home clean, keep the house free of pets and indoor plants, and prevent anyone from smoking near your child.

Minor Head Injuries in Children
Almost all children bump their head every now and then.  While most of these cares require no medical treatment, we must be alert to the signs and symptoms that do signal a more serious injury.  If you see any of the following changes in your child, please call your pediatrician at Belize Medical Associates right away.

* A constant headache that gets worse
* Slurred speech or confusion
* Dizziness
* Vomiting more than 2 hours
* Oozing blood or watery fluid from nose or ears
* Difficulty waking up
* Unequal size pupils
* Convulsion
* Lost of consciousness

Your doctor may recommend in-hospital observation and acquire a skull X-ray or a C.T. Scan of the brain.  The difference is that X-rays show bone but the C.T. Scan can show brain injury.  Procedures are taken depending on the results of these tests.

If your child does well through a 24 hours observation period, there should be no long lasting problems.  Remember, most head injuries are mild.  However, be sure to talk with your pediatrician at Belize Medical Associates about any concerns you might have.

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Discipline and Your Child
As a parent, it is your job to teach your child the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.  Many parents think discipline and punishment is the same thing.  Discipline is a whole system of teaching based on a good relationship, praise and instruction for the child or how to control her/his behaviour and punishment is an unpleasant consequence for doing or not doing something.

You can begin laying the groundwork for good behaviour from the time your child is born.  When you respond to your infant’s cries, you are teaching her that you are there; you can be counted on when she needs you and that she can trust you.  When your child is about two months of age, start to modify your responses and encourage your baby to establish good sleeping pattern by letting her fall asleep on her own.  By keeping a reasonable steady schedule you can guide her towards eating, sleeping and playing at times that are appropriate for your family.  This lays the ground work for acceptable behaviour later on.

Remember, telling your child how to behave is an important part of discipline, but showing her how to behave is even more significant.  Children learn a lot about temper and self-control from watching their parents interact.  If they see adults relating in a positive way towards each other, they will learn that this is how others should be treated.  This is how children learn to act respectfully.

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