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Food Safety

May 26, 2020
  • Wash hands thoroughly – before preparing food, after going to the toilet or after handling pets.
  • Keep your kitchen clean – wash worktops and utensils between handling food that is to be cooked and food that is not.
  • Keep pets away from food – and dishes and worktops.
  • Cook food well – follow instructions on the pack. If you reheat make sure it is piping hot.
  • Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold – don’t just leave them standing around.
  • Check best-before dates – use food within the recommended period.
  • Do not eat food containing uncooked eggs – keep eggs in the fridge.
  • Keep the coldest part of your fridge at 0-5°C – get a fridge thermometer.
  • Prepare and store raw and cooked food separately – keep raw meat and fish at the bottom of your fridge.
  • Take chilled and frozen food home quickly – then put it in your fridge or freezer at once.