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May 26, 2020
Drug - Help/Advice for Parents

It’s a fact of life that many young people experiment – with clothes, music, relationships and drugs. There are many different reasons why, e.g. becoming part of a new group, unhappiness, natural curiosity etc. Many parents are worried about the possibility of their children experimenting with drugs.

We can’t stop young people from experimenting. What we can do is try to make sure that they are aware of all the facts and risks so they can make up their own mind.

Responsibilities of Parents

We encourage parents to discuss drugs and their effects with their children. It’s important that parents realize they have a responsibility to educate their children about drugs.

Think about your own behaviour, your attitudes, views and beliefs about drugs. It may be useful to reflect on where these come from and how they may impact on the approach you take towards drugs and drug use.

Advice to Parents
  • Be prepared to talk to your children, not at them. More important, be prepared to listen.
  • Ask questions. Don’t make assumptions about your child’s behaviour.
  • Make sure you know the facts and the law relating to drugs.
  • Know where your child is, and with whom.
  • Make sure your child can get home safely at night.
  • Lead by example. Be aware of the fact that children learn from those around them.
  • Remember that even if your child experiments with drugs, it does not follow that they will become dependent on drugs in adulthood.
Other Help and Advice

If you’re worried about your child and drugs, you shouldn’t feel that it’s something you have to deal with alone.  Your family doctor at Belize Medical Associates is a very good source of advice and information on what services are available locally. Remember the doctor won’t think it’s strange or that you’re overreacting if you ask for help or advice.

Remember too that Belize Medical Associates also does drug testing for cocaine and marijuana.